DC Timing is proud to present a series of Races, all connected with Louisville Area Catholic Church Picnics. These Races are the home of the “Golden Ticket”.

The individual races are

Thursday May 16 7 pm St Bernard Wildcat Run 5K

Thursday June 6 7 pm St Edward Run for the Brave 5K

Thursday June 20 7 pm St Albert the Great Viking Run 5K

Thursday July 25 7 pm St Michael Molly Johnson 5K

Saturday August 10th 8 am Cherokee Park – St Joe’s Run for the Kids 4 Miler.

Each event will have 6 bibs randomly selected to be “

“. During the award ceremony, the 6 ticket holders will participate in a wheel spinning to select one Golden Ticket holder to receive a cash prize of $100. The 5 remaining ticket holders will be entered into the final race wheel spinning, at St. Joe’s Picnic, to be spun for a Grand Pr