So how DO I get faster?

So, How do I get faster? When I was actively coaching there was never a day when I was not asked this by someone. My stock answer was always “practice more”. Although it always comes across as a bit sarcastic, it is also a basic truth of endurance. To be a runner, you need to

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Reindeer Relays!

Reindeer Relays Set for Dec 15th at Pope Lick Park (Parklands of Floyds Fork) at 10 a.m. Three formats. $5 per person 2 Runners x 1 Mile Each x 3 (3 Mile loops each) This division can be Adult/Adult, Adult/Youth or Youth/Youth 2 Runners – 1 Runner does 3×1 Mile, 2nd runner does 3x1K Ideal

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