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David Flaugher
About Us
CEO, Head Timer
David Flaugher David started this company from the ground up. From athlete to coach to timer, he has done it all in the running community. He is...
Madison Browning
About Us
Madison Browning Madison has worked day in and day out to make this company as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. She turned our...
McKenzie Browning
About Us
Dir of Marketing, HyTek Operator, Timer
McKenzie's work is more behind the scenes in regards to timing. She enters in the field results for track meets and works diligently to get...
our history

how it was

Before DC Race Timing-as well as other local professional timers-there was only one way to time. Stop watches. Today, we are using Finish Lynx Cameras, IPICO Chip Readers and the latest software to get the best results. Finish Lynx, the technology we use is accurate to the ten thousandth of a second. Our timers work diligently to get the results up the most efficient and accurate way. We are so lucky to work all around Kentucky timing Cross Country and Track meets.